So Today Is The Day I Make My Move
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Season Survivor: Sentinel Islands
Episode Number 12/14
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So Today Is The Day I Make My Move is the twelve episode of Survivor: Sentinel Islands. The episode begins on February 25, 2017.



Keith's Tuk Tuk - Ready to get to today’s Immunity Challenge? First thing’s first [redacted] I will take the immunity necklace back! Once again immunity is back up for grabs!

Welcome to your next Immunity Challenge!


When you are ready to begin, you will send a message to your Hosts Chat saying “Turning on my Tuk Tuk and beginning to ride.” For the next 30 minutes your job is to tell us every 10 minutes that you are still riding along. You will do this by sending us “I’M STILL CHUGGING ALONG.”

After 30 minutes, as you may guess, we will turn up the speed. Now every 5 minutes (for 15 minutes) you must send a message saying “I’M STILL CHUGGING ALONG.” After those 15 minutes? Every 3 minutes you must send us the same message for yet another 15 minutes.

At that point if you’re still trotting along, you must then send us the message EVERY MINUTE until you can go no longer.

FOR EXAMPLE: If I send a message saying “Turning on my Tuk Tuk and beginning to ride” at 2:45PM I must send a message at 2:55PM, 3:05PM, and 3:15PM saying “I’M STILL CHUGGING ALONG.” each time. Then at 3:20, 3:25, and 3:30 you must do the same, and this continues on as the speed increases.

For your convenience, here is the list of speeds and time frames you must send your messages by: “I’M STILL CHUGGING ALONG.” -Every 10 minutes for 30 minutes (3 messages) -Every 5 minutes for 15 minutes (3 messages) -Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes (5 messages) -Every 1 minute for as long as you can (AS MANY AS YOU CAN)

NOTE: You cannot send “I’M STILL CHUGGING ALONG.” any earlier or later than you are supposed to. If you do, your time will end. You also may not edit any of your posts.

The beauty of this part of the challenge? Us hosts don’t have to be there for you to start! We will be checking your timestamps to make sure you are within the minute mark. Otherwise, you’re on your own. This means you need to know when to turn up the speed and send your messages. Once you mess up, you are eliminated. If you have any questions BEFORE THE CHALLENGE STARTS please don’t hesitate to ask any of the hosts. If you have a question DURING THE CHALLENGE, PM Drew, I’ll respond if I see it in time.
Winner (according to finish): Keegan

Immunity Challenge: Keith's Tuk Tuk
Winner Tribe Members
Ned S4
Carson S4
Daisy S4
Josh S4
Keegan S4
Sam S4

Tribal Council

Tribal Council #11: Theresia Tribe
Daisy S4
Daisy (4 votes)
Keegan S4Ned S4Sam S4
Keegan, Ned & Sam
Sam S4
Sam (2 votes)
Daisy S4Josh S4
Daisy & Josh
Josh S4
Josh (1 vote)
Carson S4
Daisy S4

Still in the Running

Alex S4
Brandon S4
Daisy S4
Darian S4
Elena S4
Elijah S4
John S4
Logan S4
Matt S4
Nehemiah S4
Sara S4
Stevie S4
Steven S4

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