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Most Votes Cast Against

*Rankings are updated through Survivor: Motu Nui
As per the rules of Survivor, votes cast against including those which are cast against a player. These may include votes negated by idols, and votes in tie-breaker rounds.

Rank Castaway Votes Season
1 Karen S3 Karen 18 Survivor: Mindoro
2 Adrian S7 Adrian 16 Survivor: Bahamas
3 Karen S2 Karen 15 Survivor: Motu Maha
4 Brian S7 Brian 13 Survivor: Bahamas
LA S8 L.A. Survivor: Motu Nui
Luke S3 Luke Survivor: Mindoro
Steffen S6 Steffen Survivor: Taveuni
5 Alex S4 Alex 11 Survivor: Sentinel Islands
Billy S6 Billy D. Survivor: Taveuni
Duncan S5 Duncan Survivor: Emathia
Jack E S6 Jack E. Survivor: Taveuni
Ricky S2 Ricky Survivor: Motu Maha
Sam S5 Sam Survivor: Emathia

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