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Most Tribal Immunity Wins

*Rankings are updated through Survivor: All Stars
During the tribal phase of the game, the tribes vie for the ownership of the Immunity Idol. The winning tribe will be granted safety from the upcoming Tribal Council. In rare cases, there are double eliminations and both tribes go to Tribal Council, where the Immunity Idol temporarily retires and is replaced with the Immunity Necklace which is usually only available post-merge. But after the double boot twist, the idol returns until the merger.

Rank Tribe Wins Season
1 Bouma 7 Survivor: Taveuni
Motomaiqi Survivor: Taveuni
2 Ulta 6 Survivor: Cordillera Blanca
3 Hippolyta 5 Survivor: Themyscira
Viti Levu Survivor: Monuriki
Salão Survivor: Azores
4 Olympus 4 Survivor: Emathia
Othrys Survivor: Emathia
Ysabela Survivor: Bahamas
5 Andaman 3 Survivor: Sentinel Islands
Antiope Survivor: Themyscira
Menalippe Survivor: Themyscira
Mohiotanga Survivor: Motu Maha
Nicobar Survivor: Sentinel Islands
Parvati Survivor: Himalayas
Purotu Survivor: Motu Maha
Ravi Levu Survivor: Taveuni
Waitavala Survivor: Taveuni
6 Cigateo 2 Survivor: Bahamas
Espírito Survivor: Azores
Kahitu Survivor: Motu Nui
Kanlurang Survivor: Mindoro
Odysseus Survivor: Emathia
Taranaki Survivor: Motu Nui
Elaenia Survivor: All Stars
Loronha Survivor: All Stars
Atalaia Survivor: All Stars
7 Copa 1 Survivor: Cordillera Blanca
Eleuthera Survivor: Bahamas
Silangang Survivor: Mindoro
Shiva Survivor: Himalayas
Suva Survivor: Monuriki
Whirikoka Survivor: Motu Maha
Vireao Survivor: All Stars