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Never Voted Out

*Rankings are updated through Survivor: Unfinished Business
As per the rules of Survivor, votes cast against including those which are cast against a player. These may include votes negated by idols, and votes in tie breaker rounds.

Castaway Season(s) Votes Placement Reason
Abbey S9 Abbey Survivor: Azores 13 2nd Finalist
Ain S17 Ain Survivor: Havana 2 2nd Finalist
Ali S13 Ali Survivor: Emathia
Survivor: All Stars
Ali S9 Ali T. Survivor: Azores 0 6th Rocks
Anthony S17 Anthony Survivor: Havana 5 1st Winner
Cami S1 Cami Survivor: Monuriki 2 1st Winner
Conor S12 Conor Survivor: Himalayas 1 10th Eliminated
Elmo S16 Elmo Survivor: Hogsmeade 3 1st Winner
Francie S9 Dylan Survivor: Azores 0 1st Winner
Heather S14 Heather Survivor: Navarino 9 1st Winner
Isaac S18 Isaac Survivor: Emathia
Survivor: Unfinished Business
Katie S10 Katie Survivor: Cordillera Blanca 0 6th Rocks
Lydia S5 Lydia Survivor: Emathia 3 3rd Finalist
Lynn S15 Lynn Survivor: Moheli 8 2nd Finalist
Matt S3 Matt S. Survivor: Mindoro 1 2nd Finalist
Ned S4 Ned Survivor: Sentinel Islands 1 2nd Finalist
Phoenix S15 Phoenix Survivor: Moheli 4 3rd Finalist
Sam S4 Sam G Survivor: Sentinel Islands 5 1st Winner
Sara S4 Sara Survivor: Sentinel Islands 0 9th Eliminated
Tara S15 Tara Survivor: Moheli 0 1st Winner
Trevor S5 Trevor Survivor: Emathia 8 1st Winner
Tyler S6 Tyler Survivor: Taveuni 5 3rd Finalist
Trixie S14 Trixie Survivor: Navarino 5 3rd Finalist
Zach S1 Zach Survivor: Monuriki 6 3rd Finalist
Castaway Season(s) Votes Placement Reason
Aleeza S5 Aleeza Survivor: Emathia 0 20th Quit
AnnMarie S15 AnnMarie Survivor: Moheli 1 11th Med Evac
Ash S16 Ash E. Survivor: Hogsmeade 0 13th Med Evac
Connor S3 Connor Survivor: Mindoro 8 8th Med Evac
Danny S3 Danny Survivor: Mindoro 0 14th Quit
Elena S4 Elena Survivor: Sentinel Islands 2 16th Med Evac
George S5 George Survivor: Emathia 0 21st Quit
Julia B S17 Julia B. Survivor: Havana 5 10th Med Evac
Kevin C S16 Kevin C. Survivor: Hogsmeade 0 10th Quit
Madeline S11 Madeline Survivor: Themyscira 3 4th Quit
Pocket S14 Pocket Survivor: Navarino 0 19th Quit
Rich S17 Rich Survivor: Havana 1 17th Med Evac
Scott S5 Scott Survivor: Emathia 7 12th Med Evac