ARGH MATEY GET ME OFF THE SHIPA Tale Of Two Cities And I Just Want To Burn Both Of Them DownAbbey
AlexAliAli T.
All I Can Say Is YikesAmandaAmanda G.
Amanda LynnAnd I Decorated Cookies. Eventful Day.Andaman
AshleyAshley S.Aundra
AwardsBasically Now, It's Time For 'Ye Ol Big Moveth'Benjamin
BernelBillyBilly D.
CamiCarsonChaos Squad
Chris P.ChrissaCigateo
Cordillera Blanca Ep. 1Cordillera Blanca Ep. 2Cordillera Blanca Ep. 3
Cordillera Blanca Ep. 4Cordillera Blanca Ep. 5Cordillera Blanca Ep. 6
CrowCrying In The Library ToiletDaisy
DarianDavidDid I Get Casted On Toddler Tumblr Survivor
Double Tribal CouncilDrewDuncan
EricEspíritoFor Fuck's Sake
Forgive Me Survivor Gods For I Have SinnedFrancieGage
He Out Ratted The Rat KingHeck Everyone On This Tribe!Honestly I'm Not Even Surprised
HostsHow Dumb Do These People Think I AmI'm A Diva With Unreasonable Requests
I'm A Huge Mess And Honestly? It's Fun!I'm Eating Cheez-ItsI'm Fully Read To Amass An Army
I'm Over, I'm CancelledI'm The Only Pure Angel In A Game Of Rats And SlothsIM BACK BITCHESSSSSSSSS
I Don't ConsentI Don't Really Believe In Bringing Goats To The EndI Don't Trust My Own Partner
I Had The Wig Snatched From On Top Of MeI Hope You Took NotesI Love Lies And Deceit
I Mean, Whatever, I'm Having Fun LyingI Really Hate Being Mean, But...I Refuse To Be Wentworthed
I Trust NothingI Want To Escape The BottomIdols, Auctions, Balls, and Freakouts, And I'm Hoping For A Good Blindside
If You're Reading This, I See Y'AllIf You Can't Bother To Contribute, I Can't Bother To Keep You AroundIkuvera
Is It Really Backstabbing If I Was Never Actually Working With You?IsaacIsaiah
It's Been A Long Road, But Here We AreIt's Not As Bad As That Fucking Rabbit Game That Made Me Wanna CryJ.D.
Jack C.Jack E.Jaiden
Jay B.Jay O.Jenna
John CoffeyJordan PinesJosh
JuliaJulia R.Kage
Let Us Merge Already Ya Dingus (Pt. 1)Let Us Merge Already Ya Dingus (Pt. 2)Lexi
LianaLike Herding Very Dumb SheepLike Hun...Drink Some Chamomile And Take A Chill Pill
Like I Get That I'm White, But I'm Not That WhiteLilyLily D.
LinusList of CastawaysLogan
Main PageManaakitangaMargaret
MattMatt D.Matt S.
MotomaiqiMutinyMy Family Moved And My New House Is On A Street Called Shady Lane
NicoleNo Offense To Poland, But Their Words Have Too Many LettersOH I'M YELLING
Operation 5 To Stay AliveOthrysOverthrowing The Government Is My Kink
OwenP.S I Really Am Sorry I Called You ScumPag-Ibig
Queen Of Not DyingQuinnRafael
Ravi LevuRayReally, Cuz Pat Made Me Do It...
Records: Days PlayedRecords: Individual Immunity WinsRecords: Individual Wins
Records: Never Voted OutRecords: Tribal CouncilsRecords: Tribal Immunity
Records: VotesRheaRicky
Ricky G.RobRoxy
RuthieRyan B.Ryan M.
Ryan TeddySalãoSam
Sam G.SaraScott
SeamusShe's Being A Sneaky SneakyShea
SilangangSkinkSo Today Is The Day I Make My Move
Steven S.StevieSurvivor
Survivor: AzoresSurvivor: BahamasSurvivor: Cordillera Blanca
Survivor: EmathiaSurvivor: MindoroSurvivor: Monuriki
Survivor: Motu MahaSurvivor: Motu NuiSurvivor: Sentinel Islands
Survivor: TaveuniSuvaSydney
TaranakiThe Time Has Come To Slay The BeastTheresia
Ting TingToday I Lied Again About An Excessive Amount Of ThingsToph
TrevorTribal Is Gonna Be Crazy And I'm Gonna Have A HeadacheTribes
TylerUWU Her Way Out The DoorUlta
Viti LevuWaitavalaWhatever Happens Tonight...This Will End In Chaos
WhirikokaWhose Dick Do I Have To Suck To Get ImmunityWill
Woe Is Us Being The Most Inactive Tribe EverYou Have To Look Forward To Be Able To ProgressYou May Be Hot But You Can At Least Pretend To Laugh At My Jokes
ZackZoeZoe H.

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