Let Us Merge Already Ya Dingus (Pt. 2)
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Season Survivor: Sentinel Islands
Episode Number 7/14
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Let Us Merge Already Ya Dingus (Pt. 2) is the seventh episode of Survivor: Sentinel Islands. The episode begins on February 12, 2017.



Maze Maze Maze - Today you will be playing Maze Maze Maze!

This will be a semi-live challenge that takes place in your host chat. As tribes, you will decide who will represent you in each of five match-ups with the opposing tribe. The mazes go up in difficulty based on which number you select, with 5 being the toughest.

When you’re ready you will message your host chat letting us know which level of maze you would like to do. Your time will start when we send you the file, and will end when you send us back a completed maze. Because of this challenge, we HIGHLY recommend that everyone has a photo editor ready or has Lightshot or another screenshotting app downloaded to their computer before they start the challenge, as they need to have a way to send us back a completely screenshot quickly.

Because this is scored as a series of match-ups, the tribe that wins at least three match-ups against the other tribe will win! The losing tribe will go back to tribal council where one of you will be the eighth person to be voted out of this game.
Winner (according to finish): Andaman

Immunity Challenge: Maze Maze Maze
Placement Tribe Tribe Members
1 Andaman
Alex S4
Carson S4
Darian S4
Josh S4
Keegan S4
2 Nicobar
Daisy S4
John S4
Ned S4
Sam S4
Sara S4

Tribal Council

Tribal Council #7: Nicobar Tribe
John S4
John (5 votes)
Daisy S4Cameron S4Ned S4
Sam S4Sara S4
Daisy, Cameron, Ned, Sam & Sara
Daisy S4
Daisy (1 vote)
John S4
John S4

Still in the Running

Brandon S4
Elena S4
Elijah S4
John S4
Matt S4
Nehemiah S4
Stevie S4
Steven S4