Let Us Merge Already Ya Dingus (Pt. 1)
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Season Survivor: Sentinel Islands
Episode Number 6/14
Episode Chronology
Previous If You Can't Bother To Contribute, I Can't Bother To Keep You Around
Next Let Us Merge Already Ya Dingus (Pt. 2)

Let Us Merge Already Ya Dingus (Pt. 1) is the sixth episode of Survivor: Sentinel Islands. The episode begins on February 10, 2017.



Geoguesser - cobar, getting your first look at the new Andaman tribe, Stevie voted out at the last tribal council.

For the next immunity challenge, you will be playing GEOGUESSR!

This is a game of five rounds where, at the beginning of each round, you are dropped at a random place on Earth and have to guess your location using clues such as road signs, language clues, etc.

The goal is to get as close as possible to the location. You will be given a score out of 5000 for each round, depending on how close you are.

You can play as many games as you want until you have a score you’re happy with. When you’re happy with your score, you must submit a screenshot to your host chat.
Winner (according to finish): Nicobar

Immunity Challenge: GeoGuesser
Placement Tribe Tribe Members
1 Nicobar
Daisy S4
John S4
Logan S4
Ned S4
Sam S4
Sara S4
2 Andaman
Alex S4
Carson S4
Darian S4
Elijah S4
Josh S4
Keegan S4

Tribal Council

Tribal Council #6: Andaman Tribe
Elijah S4
Elijah (6 votes)
Alex S4Carson S4Darian S4
Elijah S4Josh S4Keegan S4
Alex, Carson, Darian,
Elijah, Josh & Keegan
Elijah S4

Still in the Running

Brandon S4
Elena S4
Elijah S4
Matt S4
Nehemiah S4
Stevie S4
Steven S4

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