Is It Really Backstabbing If I Was Never Actually Working With You?
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Season Survivor: Sentinel Islands
Episode Number 8/14
Episode Chronology
Previous Let Us Merge Already Ya Dingus (Pt. 2)
Next How Dumb Do These People Think I Am

Is It Really Backstabbing If I Was Never Actually Working With You? is the eighth episode of Survivor: Sentinel Islands. The episode begins on February 14, 2017.



Flag Making Challenge - Today your challenge will be to Make a Merge Tribe Flag!

Just like last time, your flags will be judged based on Creativity, Effort, and Visual Appeal, each out of 10 points. The person who’s flag scores the most points will win immunity and have a 1 in 9 shot at winning this game. The rules are that your tribe color must be on the flag and every tribe member’s name must be visible. Other than that you are free to be as creative as you want.

The tribe color hex code is #245569.

But wait. To do a merge flag challenge, you need a merge tribe name!

Welcome the Theresia Tribe!!!
Winner (according to finish): Alex

Immunity Challenge: Maze Maze Maze
Winner Tribe Members
Alex S4
Carson S4
Daisy S4
Darian S4
Josh S4
Keegan S4
Logan S4
Ned S4
Sam S4
Sara S4

Tribal Council

Logan S4

Still in the Running

Brandon S4
Elena S4
Elijah S4
John S4
Logan S4
Matt S4
Nehemiah S4
Stevie S4
Steven S4

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