I Want To Escape The Bottom
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Season Survivor: Sentinel Islands
Episode Number 11/14
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I Want To Escape The Bottom is the eleventh episode of Survivor: Sentinel Islands. The episode begins on February 23, 2017.

Blind Round

In the auction, Sam got a special power that was not revealed with the rest of the items. In fact, much to her displeasure, it was not revealed to her either. The power came in the form of a question, asked in her host chat.

Would you rather put everyone’s cards on the table or keep yours close to your chest? What Sam did not know was that she was choosing between an Illuminated Week or a Blind Week.

Here’s what she had to say:

I- what?
I’ll keep them close

That means this is a Blind Week! This week, you will not be given any information about the process of the game. After the immunity challenge, you will not be informed of who wins immunity, including the person who won it. At tribal council, votes will not be read, idols will not be shown (although they can still be played), you won’t get a vote count, nothing. All you will know is who goes home.



Free Rice - This week you will be doing a service project type of game. It’s called Free Rice and your task is to raise the most amount of grains of rice for donation as you can in about 24 hours. You are allowed to change the question subject to any topic to best fit your skills. Because this challenge has been done before in other seasons and some might already have accounts, and also to prevent from sharing the account to have multiple people gaining points, we will be looking for the longest continuous streak. Your score will come from the bowl of rice that fills on the right side of the screen when you answer questions. Because of this, it is not necessary to create an account, they will still let you answer questions and change subjects without it.
Winner (according to finish): Sam

Immunity Challenge: Free Rice
Winner Tribe Members
Sam S4
Alex S4
Carson S4
Daisy S4
Josh S4
Keegan S4
Ned S4

Tribal Council

Tribal Council #10: Theresia Tribe
Alex S4
Alex (4 votes)
Alex S4Carson S4Daisy S4Josh S4
Alex, Carson, Daisy & Josh
Josh S4
Josh (3 votes)
Keegan S4Ned S4Sam S4
Keegan, Ned & Sam
Alex S4

Still in the Running

Alex S4
Brandon S4
Darian S4
Elena S4
Elijah S4
John S4
Cameron S4
Matt S4
Nehemiah S4
Sara S4
Stevie S4
Steven S4