The Player of the Season award is awarded to a player (sometimes two) by the host of the season. It is given to a player that they feel played a noteworthy game or deserved some sort of recognition for their gameplay. The award first started in Survivor: Motu Maha, and is an optional award given out by hosts.

The Fan Favorite Award is featured in most seasons. After the season a poll is set up for the community to vote on who their favorite player of the season was. The award was introduced in Survivor: Motu Maha. Since then, it has been an on and off tradition for seasons to include.

Award Winners

Player of the Season Award
Season Winner(s)
Survivor: Motu Maha Karen S2
Survivor: Emathia Ali S5
Survivor: Taveuni Jordan S6
Survivor: Azores Emily S9
Survivor: Cordillera Blanca Jordan S10Luke S10
Jordan & Luke
Fan Favorite Award
Season Winner(s)
Survivor: Motu Maha Mitch S2
Survivor: Emathia Ali S5
Survivor: Taveuni Jack E S6
Jack E.
Survivor: Azores Mo S9Ruthie S9
Mo & Ruthie
Survivor: Cordillera Blanca Katie S10Zachary S10
Katie & Zachary

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